Music & Me, founded in 2010 by Daniel Maudonnet, is the fruit of a desire to teach music in a simple, light, yet productive manner. It is a bilingual music school which strives to enrich its students culturally, emotionally and intellectually. In an inviting, fun, and interactive environment, the school’s method focuses on involvement and creativity. At Music & Me, we teach with dedication and objectivity to young children, teenagers and adults and offer excellence in education and artistic activities for the cultural enrichment of our society.

Classes at Music & Me are administered both in Portuguese and in English. We adopt a contemporary, creative, and innovative methodology to help each student develop his or her own musical potential.


At Music & Me, we consider each student as unique.

Our educators constantly monitor each student’s progress. We maintain constant communication with parents and guardians to aid in the development of each student’s potential. Our content lays the foundation for musical language and moves on to teach vocal and instrumental proficiency.

The creative and collaborative environment we establish nourishes individual autonomy. This goes beyond music education, and develops social and emotional skills in our school environment. The development of these skills is in keeping with the expectations of the National Common Education Curriculum.

At Music & Me, mistakes are perceived as learning opportunities, students' emotions and needs are considered to be building blocks, and cooperation and mutual understanding are encouraged.

Our teaching objectives are:

  • Awakening interest in music
  • Developing creative thinking
  • Valuing continued effort to reach one’s goals
  • Working together as a team
  • Creating new means of expression
  • Nourishing pro-activity


To educate, train and musically develop our students so that they become better citizens


To be a reference
in music education


Ethical and respectful
behavior, continuous study
and collaboration


This course provides an introduction to the musical universe using folk songs in both English and Portuguese, choreography with gestures, games and practical experiences with percussion instruments. Using stories, imagination and tactile objects with different textures, the course aims to awaken in the youngest children first notions about pulse, listening, pitch and volume.


Daniel Maudonnet

Luisa Toller

Gabriela Silveira

Felipe Bemol

Nicholas Saliby

Thadeu Lenza

Felipe Aranha

Paula Mirhan

Juliana Rodrigues

Roberta Zerbini

Caetano Ribeiro

Monica Morais

Juliana de Deus